This Silence Hinge is an advanced hydraulic concealed hinge with technical engineering to perform all functions with very good quality and durability. Its self-lubricating piston functions with a unique four-pivot point link system make it possible to equalizes stress throughout the entire hinge for carrying out a quiet and smooth self-closing motion with no additional parts needed while maintaining a slim body design.

Innovative Features

  • Door closes silently & smoothly

  • Unassisted self-closing mechanism

  • No additional parts are needed to maintain a slim body design

Worldwide Patent Registration

Taiwan              #M288900

China                 #ZL2005 2 0105477.X

Japan                #3103578

Germany          #20 2006 001 648.1

U.S.A.               #US 7.096.535 B2

E.P.                   #EP 1 555 372 B1

Quality Assurance

Silence hinge has passed numerous tests that fully correspond to the rigorous specifications of resistance and safety. It is certified by the following national institutions:

0 cycles
L.G.A. (Germany)
0 cycles
F.I.R.A. (Great Britain)
0 cycles
0 cycles
SGS (Taiwan)

Silence Hinge Series

silence hinge - 26mm

Clip-On 26mm

silence hinge - 35mm

Clip-On 35mm

silence hinge - 40mm

Clip-On 40mm

Design Awards

Good Design Product 2006

Silence hinge has been approved by the Good Design Selection Committee as a Good Design Product that achieved the main criteria of function, aesthetic value, and design process in the beginning of year 2006 and can use the Good Design Mark.

Sequoia Award 2005

RUCA Corporation’s concealed Silence Hinge received positive reviews and was awarded first place in hardware leadership and product innovation by Sequoia Awards 2005.